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About Us

In March 1977, Steve Swift bought $400 worth of turquoise jewelry from a mail order firm in Gallup, New Mexico, then sought the freedom of the road in a psychedelic-painted 1969 Checker cab. Some thirty-seven years later, Steve still travels to see customers, with the help of many great sales people across the USA.

In May of 2014, after having grown the business year-after-year, Steve realized he was spending more time in the office than he would have liked. Not wanting to lose touch with his traveling roots, Steve made an executive decision and decided to put his business in the capable hands of Simeon Rosenberg and Sam Cohen (that’s us) – two eager and willing people that he knew would take what he had started and keep it on its upward track.

When we became lucky enough to take on this operation, we not only saw the success in Steve’s business, but we also saw an opportunity to expand and grow a line that was very unique and already blossoming. By fine tuning the processes needed to produce and distribute such fine fashion jewelry, we were able to further establish ourselves in the market and carve out a key niche.

Although we may have forgone the Checker cab when the business switched hands, the immaculate quality and variety of the jewelry we have on offer has never wavered. We make sure that every piece is treated with care and inspected for quality before it makes it into the hands of our customers.

We want people to have personal connections with our pieces, which is why we’ve made a point of designing them to fit many styles. From stand-out, show-stopping pieces, to ones that subtly complement any outfit, we know how important it is to provide for the everyday needs of our customers.

There is nothing more important to us than providing a quality experience to our shoppers that complements the quality they will find in our jewelry. We have successfully managed to grow this business by keeping our practices modern and fresh, but we will never sacrifice the personal connection with the customers that we, and our founder Steve, have always strongly valued.