About Us

Our customers tell us that RC Swift is a wonderful company to do business with, and we wholeheartedly return the compliment. Our great customers and sales reps are one of the main reasons we strive to deliver excellence.

We also enjoy discovering captivating new designs to bring to our customers. We travel around the world, seeking out the fresh designs our customers want and need to keep their shops alive with creativity. It’s an intriguing business!

Our search has led us to three outstanding brands that – when combined here at RC Swift – offer a vibrant design array, all from one convenient source. We’re fairly sure our journey has just begun, but we thought you might like to know how RC Swift arrived at where we stand today. 

It all started when Takobia founder Steve Swift began talking with Simeon and Sam about taking the reins of his business. Steve’s back story was a colorful 1960s vignette (including a psychedelic Checker Cab, but that’s a story for another time). Takobia was a beautiful little company with many happy customers and growing fast, but Steve was looking to retire.   

Truth be told, Simeon (an attorney) and Sam (a day trader) had no experience in the jewelry business. But they did know business and they shared Steve’s adventurous spirit, so after almost a year of consideration, they took the plunge. 

As they immersed themselves in the business, they became seriously enamored with their new path. They made some significant improvements to the service processes and before long, their reps started telling them about other brands that were looking for new owners. 

Takobia was soon joined by Indigo, then Dobbs… each offering unique yet complimentary personalities and exciting choices for their customers to enjoy.

We aren’t sure what’s next, but the story continues, as we keep fine-tuning, preparing, and looking for new opportunities. We developed this new site to unify all three brands and improve backend processes so we can better serve our wonderful customers and sales reps. They are a part of our family and journey, and we hope they’re enjoying it as much as we are.